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Dear Mum,
Just for you Primigi has created its brand new STEP by STEP Guide, an extremely useful 32-page booklet packed with advice, recommendations and reassurances on how to choose the first pair of shoes for your child along with a variety of other topics.

Primigi has created its STEP BY STEP Guide to help you, whether you are expecting a baby or have just had one, which is why it is distributed for free:
- at the most important hospitals or clinics for pregnancy ultrasounds
- at centres that organise birthing classes
-at the maternity and gynecology wards at many hospitals
- at the most important gynecological clinics and day hospitals
- at some children’s shops and chemist’s shops
- at all PRIMIGI STORES and at the finest children’s shoe shops
- it can also be downloaded from our website!

The Guide is a summary of PRIMIGI’s knowledge, authority and traditions, drawing on the experience of a company that has always been a leader in the children’s sector and  shoes in particular.
A number of topics are discussed, all of which are of extreme interest for new mothers:

• A brief history of the PRIMIGI brand
• An explanation of the Primigi System
• Primigi shoes with GORE-TEX®
• How to choose the first shoes for your child
• When to change shoe sizes
• Choosing the right shoe in every season
• How to handle foot perspiration
• False children’s feet defects
• Advice on cleaning shoes
• How to find the right size
PRIMIGI’s STEP BY STEP Guide is packed with useful information so don't miss out, read it today!
Because every child is unique and PRIMIGI knows it!!